Not-For-Profit Partners

A portion of proceeds from Holler on the Hill will benefit 5 local not-for-profit organizations focused on family farms, conservation and parks. Your ticket cost doesn’t just help us bring acts to Garfield Park, but a portion is going back into the local community. 

If you’d like to make an additional donation, all central Indiana Old National Banks are accepting donations at the counter. Just tell them you’d like to donate to Holler On The Hill’s community partners. Thanks for supporting these great organizations.

Indiana Farmer’s Union

Indiana Farmers Union is a grassroots organization that works to protect the social and economic well-being of independent family farmers throughout the Hoosier state. For more information, visit

Hoosier Organic Marketing Education

HOME believes that the power to preserve vital ecosystems, conserve natural resources and protect the diversity of today’s farms and farming communities rests largely in the hands of consumers and family farms dedicated to the provision of sustainably grown food, fiber, and feed. 

As an organization comprised of family farmers, educated consumers, and activists,  HOME is dedicated to the creation and delivery of effective educational programs, information campaigns, networking opportunities and disaster assistance designed to secure the future for the family farm. We work directly with farmers and consumers to promote quality principles in sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on production systems such as organic and regenerative agriculture, economic and social justice and transparency in the marketplace.

Indy Parks Foundation

The Indianapolis Parks Foundation is a leader in developing and sustaining Indy’s parks, trails, greenways, and public spaces by connecting resources to needs to better establish and maintain a safe thriving community.

Indiana Forest Alliance

Indiana Forest Alliance (IFA) is a non-profit, statewide organization of individuals dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of Indiana’s native forests. We are volunteers and full-time staff working to protect and restore Indiana’s forests.

IFA serves citizens, organizations, landowners and communities with a wide range of interests in Indiana’s forests. We provide accurate information to the people of Indiana to involve them in efforts to protect Indiana’s forests and ensure their opportunities for input into decision-making that affects forests. We speak out for the native animals, plants and other creatures who survive in Indiana’s forests and cannot speak for themselves.

Garfield Park Farmers Market

Garfield Park Farmers Market’s mission is to support local, sustainable farmers and producers while creating a gathering place for community interactions. The Garfield Park Farmers Market takes place every Saturday morning from 9:00 am to 12:30 am, May through October.