About Holler on the Hill

We wanted a festival that was as simple and approachable as a pickin’ and singin’ session on a neighbor’s porch, and that was the idea from which Holler On The Hill was born.
Holler On The Hill was born from the notion that music festivals should be as fun, casual, and accessible as a pickin’ and singin’ session on a neighbor’s porch. Holler On The Hill embraces the spirit of community and collaboration and provides a laid back atmosphere to listen to music and spend time with friends.

Holler On The Hill’s curator and founder, Josh Baker, has been a longtime advocate of re-establishing Garfield Park as an accessible and affordable concert destination. As the cost of attending music festivals continues to climb , Baker wanted to create a festival for all walks of life, returning the festival experience to something truly open to all. 

We are a team of die-hard live music lovers. Through promoting and attending concerts year-round for the last 10 years, we have built many friendships with our favorite artists. They’ve become part of our family. We created Holler on the Hill to have one weekend each year when our neighborhood block party turns into a national festival event when we all get together and hang out. It’s our way to say “thanks” to those who support us: the artists who perform for us and and the fans that buy tickets to their shows. 

We’re excited to share this annual reunion with our friends and neighbors across Indiana and beyond.   

Through our mission of connecting people with great music through events, the festival supports a number of local organizations we hold dear. A portion of ticket proceeds will directly benefit Garfield Park Farmers Market, Indiana Farmers Union, Indiana Forest Alliance and the Indianapolis Parks Foundation. What these non-profits share is a commitment to protecting our agricultural heritage, and securing the unblemished beauty of our forests and farms for future generations.

About Garfield Park

Created in 1881, Garfield Park is the oldest public park in Indianapolis. Famed landscape architect George Edward Kessler designed the Sunken Gardens in 1908, and the park has become a quintessential piece of historic Indianapolis Landmarks. The park’s MacAllister Center for the Performing Arts has hosted numerous notable artists in the past, including Guess Who, Dolly Parton, Chuck Mangione, and the first production of Starlight Musicals in 1944.